Cachet for less cash (but hurry)

Not everyone can collect cars like Jay Leno. In fact, car collecting usually turns out to be a dark comedy for most virgins.

Not if you read this blog, however.

A few months back I encouraged all of you to purchase a Mercedes Benz 280 SL. last made in 1971. I recently spotted prices going up precipitously in Hemmings (35% increases over last year). If you act quickly, however, you can have the last laugh.

To quote myself: (note the price increases from previous versions)

A good example can be found for the mid-30s (max.) Does this car
car have soul? Oh, yes-particularly from 40 mph to 100 mph. Is it a pure breed? You betcha, it is a beautiful roadster. Is it the purest example of the breed? No. That would have to be the 300 Sl, which can be had for a mere $200,000 more. But the average transportation appliance driver can hardly tell the difference, and most women go wild for both sets of wheels.

So in all, the SL delivers a certain cache for a lot less cash. Best of all, while many were made, the good ones are getting scarcer, the prices are going up-like the stock of most things designed in the cool modernistic style of the late 60s.

The 280 SL is a groovy set of wheels.