Since there’s not much that could get me out to, say, a bar or a theater thing evening (I’ve got an interview to do anyhow), I think I’ll just skip the suggestions this time around. But I did have a very fine weekend taking in various arts-and-entertainments. On Saturday, I went to the comparatively unfunny BNW show. Then, yesterday, I missed Stuart Pimsler’s show at the Guthrie because I got the showtime all wrong (1 p.m., not 7!) So, to make myself feel better, I went home to drink wine and watch a screener of the short film Intolerable, which is scheduled for the Walker’s upcoming Women With Vision series. (It was directed by Alison Maclean whose most famous film is probably Jesus’ Son.) It was an interesting flick starring David Rakoff about a double-dealing, and fairly cruel director who screws with a bunch of actors who’ve lined up for what means to be a cattle call. Liked it very much, thanks. I wondered if this was’t inspired by the Maclean’s own experiences with auditions.