Notes Scribbled At Three A.M. While Skimming Through 'Alien Animals' and Christopher Alexander's 'A Pattern Language'

charms of the highway strip 4.jpg

It may be that alien animals are attracted to individuals possessed of certain psychological traits.

We can surmise that energy-seeking entities were around that night, and that the poacher’s blood would have met their needs.

Scattered work.

Magic of the city.

Web of shopping.

Antonio Villas Boas had blood extracted from a clean incision just under his chin by the unknown creature or creatures.

It also seems to be blood that the cattle mutilators are after.

Mike Corradino has reported finding ‘dead animals, chicks, rabbits, raccoons with their heads bitten off’ and the blood completely drained from their bodies. This is in areas where sightings of the skunk ape have been recorded.

Eccentric nucleus.

Degrees of publicness.

Old people everywhere.

Neither shooting nor electrocution seems to have deterred the Jersey Devil.

As near as I can describe the terror it had the head of a horse, the wings of a bat, and a tail like a rat’s, only longer.

Dancing in the streets.

Teenage society.

Sleeping in public.

The beast looked like no animal he had ever seen, and it was removing an overcoat from an old woman who was lying face down in the snow.

The rabbit-like creatures, working in concert, were purportedly strong enough to bring an ox to its knees.

Grave sites.

Holy ground.

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I’m throwing a going away party

A party for a dream of mine

Nobody’s coming, but a heartache

And some tears will drop in from time to time

Don’t worry, it won’t be a loud party

Dreams don’t make noise when they die

It’s just a sad going away party

For a dream I’m telling good-bye

Cindy Walker, "Going Away Party."
(There’s a great new version on "Last of the Breed," the forthcoming Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard/Ray Price collaboration on Lost Highway)