A former Star Tribune scribe got mention in the NY gossip rags last week, but they didn’t bat an eye at the mere mention of John Habich. Why? Well, because Habich is betrothed to the writer/pharmaceutical heir Andrew Solomon, of course. Their wedding site, while ambiguous about the date of the actual affair, offers an enticing glimpse of how the upper-crust hitch. It includes a somewhat modest gift registry as well an amusing passage about preferred wedding attire.

My contact with Habich (a former Strib senior cultural editor, now at Newsday) was fairly minimal while he was in town. I was working at a mid-sized theater company back then. The only detail I recall is that of his NYC cell phone number. In any case, with all the bad news that’s been circulating about reporters and writers as of late, it’s good to see one that made good. Or at least is marrying well.