How I spent MNfashion Weekend

Well, first of all, I missed the first couple days. My boyfriend was sick, and contagious as all get out; so, I found myself nursing a sore throat and a serious case of fatigue, not to mention a general malaise. Then, I got stuck in a hail storm on my way back home last Thursday night–which doesn’t go over well when you’re suffering one of those onset headaches. When I finally made it home, I took a shot of Brandy and called it a night.

But I jumped right in on Friday at the Loves Labourers: Art as Fashion, Fashion as Art event. Three artists – Jennifer Davis, Adam Garcia, Eric Inkala – and three clothing designers – Annie Larson, Ra’Mon-Lawrence Coleman, Crystal Quinn – joined forces to make wearable art from ordinary American Apparel tees. It all unfolded right before mine very eyes, and in a party atmosphere (with gratis tuna-stuffed cherry tomatoes, no less). Slacker that I am, I failed to purchase my very own Art-as-Fashion tee before the actual date; I arrived only to find each of the tees had been spoken for, but of course. Pre-purchasers, however, we not allowed to pre-select a shirt that was, say, ANYTHING BUT CANARY YELLOW. And so, from what I hear, I might yet have the chance to procure one of these spiffs. Here are the outtakes, in any case. It was quite a happening scene, as I’m sure you can image:

Washability is a problem, dahlings … You must only spot clean.

On Saturday evening, I stopped by clecticoiffeur‘s invite-only fashion show, where the latest from Katherine Gerdes, George Moskal, Red Shoe Clothing Co., Laura Fulk, and Kjurek Couture was shown. I dug Gerdes’s new jersey dresses with satin details:

She was up until 3 a.m. that morning, slaving away on last-minute details. Therefore, she isn’t sure when – or how – these dresses will ever become available for purchase. I say you email her with inquiries.

But I ESPECIALLY admired this dress from George Moskal, who is probs my favorite designer in all the Minnie Apple. I adore his use of upholstery and vintage fabrics in creating striking, glamorous effects. Swoon!