Jade Townsend: Born Between Piss and Shit; Kristina Estell: Cover

Despite limited hours, Art of This is becoming an important place to visit; these two very different installations show the range of the gallery. Jade Townsendis an Iowan who passed through Minneapolis at one point and now worksin New York, where his crisp and often funny-though-harrowing buildinginstallations have gotten good reviews. Razor wire, all-whiteinteriors, holes in the wall, some contradictory emotional play betweenhumor and horror: familiar stuff but interesting in person. Kristina Estell,by contrast, produces emotionally distant but evocative and sensualinstallations based on the overwhelming presence of water and rock inher current home, Duluth.

Art of This, 3506 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-721-4105.