Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon is a curious character, even by artistic standards, andhe’s been on a serious roll of late. To his growing list ofaccomplishments—including ten collections of smart, allusive, and oftenvery funny poetry, as well as a Pulitzer Prize—he recently landed theprestigious (and influential) gig as poetry editor at The New Yorker.That’s all impressive scuttlebutt in the poetry world, but theIrish-born Muldoon also fronts the rock band Rackett, and collaboratedon a song (subsequently recorded by Bruce Springsteen) with the lateWarren Zevon. Muldoon has also penned librettos for three operas,authored four children’s books, and published numerous poetrytranslations. One way or another, it seems highly likely that poetry’s21st century Renaissance man will rock the house.

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