What keeps you up at night?

Editor  Julie Caniglia  The Nintendo stock
Senior Editor  Brad Zellar  Monkey mind
Assistant Editor  Christy DeSmith  Snoring (not my own)
Online Editor  Cristina Córdova  My empire
Art Director  Evangeline Johnson  Restless leg syndrome
Production Manager  Amy L. Filipiak  The bedbug
Assistant Art Director  Kristin Harper  Night owl tendencies

Ann Bauer  The 17-year-old who isn’t home
Jeremy Iggers  My prostate
Colleen Kruse  Amphetamines
Brian Lambert  Dick Cheney
Stephanie March  Beans
Oliver Nicholson  Strong drink
Britt Robson  West Coast hoops
Peter Schilling, Jr.  Screeners, too many screeners

Copy Editor  Katherine Lewis  Procrastination
Proofreader  Judy Arginteanu  Computer solitaire, calling my name

Danielle Cabot  Koolaid the bunny-hobbit
Danielle Kurtzleben  Unequal distribution of wealth

Publisher  Tom Bartel  Diet Dr. Pepper
Associate Publisher  Kristin Henning  Lucifer
Controller  Cindi Barthel  Full Moon
Circulation Manager  Joe Kvam  The dog

Kela Caldwell  Event planning
A.J. Kiefer  Britney losing custody
Elton Langland  So much sex
Valerie Rigsbee  Olga and the heeled midget who live upstairs

Sales Coordinator  Mary Olson  Being spread too thin
Online Coordinator  Jennifer Havrish  Imaginary sheep

Systems Admin/Network Guru  Kristopher Wilson  MMORPGs