Worship David Beckham for 200 Bucks

I’ve been puzzling all morning over the logistics of this thing, but I think I’ve finally got it figured out.

Seems David Beckham is coming to town with his soccer team, the Los Angeles Galaxy to play OUR soccer team, the Minnesota Thunder (what is it with soccer, by the way, aren’t team names are usually plural: Bears, Bulls, Timberwolves?) in something they have dubbed Copa Minnesota — which I frankly don’t get at all — tomorrow at the Metrodome.

My initial confusion came in because the website devoted to this event lists it under Current News and claims it’s happening. . . .or rather happened. . . .on October 10. But apparently it didn’t, David had some reality TV-related or Spice Girlesque emergency. Some problem occurred, in any case, and the game was postponed.

Further obfuscating my understanding was this quote from the Galaxy manager, Alexi Lalas: “We are pleased to be able to bring the Galaxy to
Minnesota and give fans of that state and the entire Midwest a first
class friendly." I’m not sure what a friendly is or what it has to do with soccer, but as I said, I’m not a sports fan.

For those of you who are, Temple Restaurant and Bar is hosting a private reception tonight, from 6-9 p.m., in honor of Beckham and his teammates, with hors d’oeuvres and a complimentary host bar. And I think that’s just about as friendly as you get, because don’t we usually revile the incoming team and boo the players and make all their fans sit on the opposite side of the stadium (or have I just been to one too many St. Louis Park – Edina high school football games?) rather than fete them with spicy tuna rolls and Grey Goose?

Anyway, the good news is that for $200 you can enter the Temple and brush shoulders with Beckham himself — or so I’m told — eating what’s bound to be excellent appetizer fare, and giving the soccer king whatever sort of friendly you like. No word on whether Victoria will be there.

Temple will re-open for regular business at 9 o’clock tonight. For more information, call 612-767-3770.