This month, all sorts of lucky boys and girls are sporting shiny new
electronic doodads, freshly delivered from Santa and other thoughtful
gift-givers. It’s good timing: A hot-pink Motorola RAZR or aquamarine
laptop does much to cut through the gray midwinter cloud cover, not to
mention spruce up many a gloomy coffeehouse interior. In fact, around
these parts, tech accessories are one of the few acceptable ways to
incorporate fluorescents this time of year—especially if you’re in
possession of a Y chromosome. Cell phones and iPods are only the most
common of these gizmos; clothing and accessories designers have also
devised a crop of stylish new ways to ferry—and flaunt—these devices.
Somewhere deep in our cargo pants are additional treasures: pocket
shooters (a.k.a. super- skinny digital cameras) in bright metallic
hues, even USB drives encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Who knew
gadgets could be so decadent?

See Peripa-tech slideshow featured in the left column. 






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