What word do you think should be added to the dictionary?

Editor Julie Caniglia Hingie
Senior Editor Brad Zellar Garfong
Assistant Editor Christy DeSmith Noneya
Online Editor Cristina Córdova The Gooch (see Jackass the Movie)
Art Director Evangeline Johnson Ickers
Production Manager Lisa Pahl Obsane
Interim Production Savior Ryan Tungseth Booch

Ann Bauer Spinky
Jeremy Iggers Freating
Colleen Kruse Chill-axing
Stephanie March Shyah (as in “shyah right!”)
Oliver Nicholson A tisser (one of those annoying folk whose headphones leak nasty music on public transport)
Britt Robson Tangtussle
Peter Schilling, Jr. Potrzebie

Copy Editor Katherine Lewis Gullible
Proofreader Judy Arginteanu Elwyn Tinklenberg (to lightly dance around on your tippy-tippy-toes)

Danielle Cabot I’ve had enough of this car-a-mel b.s.
Christopher Hontos Totes (abbrev. for totally)
Kate McDonald Twerking (an intimate form of dancing)
Tricia Towey Trill (true and real, down to earth, cool)

Publisher Tom Bartel Schlumpfpop (which is the sound the last bit of Florida will make when it sinks under the sea)
Associate Publisher Kristin Henning Fashionée
Controller Cindi Barthel Yathink?
Circulation Manager Joe Kvam Woot!

Sales and Marketing Group
Kela Caldwell Fantabulous
A.J. Kiefer Ridonkulous
Elton Langland Liberalollapalooza (an election landslide for progressives)
Valerie Rigsbee Oi!
Lisa Van Asten @%*#!!

Sales Coordinator Mary Olson Weaksauce
Online Coordinator Jennifer Havrish Tall-double-nonfat-nofoam-hazelnut-latte
Systems Admin/Network Guru Kristopher Wilson Craptastic