A Yo Ivanhoe Holiday Tradition

Let’s suppose you –the hypothetical, perhaps wholly imagined You– stumble in here to Yo Ivanhoe on an occasional, one-time, or even purely accidental basis (one of those Google mishaps, say), completely unaware that this little futility closet is in fact a mere, very minor adjunct to a giant media empire (Rake Media Worldwide), which produces a print magazine in whose employ I –Brad Zellar– presently find myself, however tenuously.

Rake Media Worldwide also operates a website, where Yo Ivanhoe enjoys sidebar status as a barely-tolerated exercise in pathetic self indulgence. You –the hypothetical, perhaps wholly imagined You– may not know any of this. And so you may not know that if you go to the Rake website and poke around a bit you can find (and watch) a video of me –Brad Zellar– reading, from the relative comfort of my modest home, a traditional Christmas story, complete with a live infant, a dog, a roaring fire, and an inebriate. I would post the thing right here but I don’t have the slightest idea how to do any such thing, so I will provide you with a link that will take you there.

In doing this –a rare act of loathsome self promotion– I am motivated solely by the spirit of the season and a sort of pathological generosity. I hope that you will thank me for it, even as I feel the need to apologize for wasting your time.






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