Better Than An Italian Supermodel

So how was JesusChristmas for you all here in the United States? I have been away over the holidays but I have not been wasting time.

Au contraire.

You see I have been busily working in France test driving cars that most people can only dream about. Cars even hotter than France’s new President’s bride to be (a former supermodel, shamelessly so). I’ve included a shot of the F40 I picked up in front of the Ritz on the Place Vendome’. This is the Ferrari that everyone wants due to its umitigated brutality (the last full car designed by the Holy Devil himself.)

My photos are taking too long to upload at present but a Veyron is in here as well as a Gullwing and some more classic Bugattis, Alfas and Porsches.

Who needs women, nez pas?

(That’s what Nicholas has been known to say.)