Danger, Danger, and Whatnot

In these cold, bristling days of the early year (when there’s
no holiday in sight), it’s good to have something to anticipate … And so, in
defiance of depressing January, this offering: an illustrated list of some, but not all, of the
designers for this spring’s Voltage local fashion show, courtesy of Nic Marshall Photography.




Above: That’s Russell Bourrienne, menswear maven (he once told me: "I’m
known for my pants") and all-around nice guy.



Above: That’s hipper-than-thou Annie Larson, whom I find intimidating (the chunky glasses seem to cast a preemptive strike against unwitting folks such as me) … You might recall the line of jumpers she presented at last year’s Voltage under the name Double Dutch.



That’s the "architectural" clothing designer Laura Fulk rockin the asymetrical hair up there. Fulk is currently in the throes of designing costumes for God Save Gertrude, a new rock-n-roll play. (Read more about the playwright, Deborah Stein, and her musical tastes here.) I hope to offer a sneak-peek of those costumes right here at Hook & Eye …



Above: I don’t know much about Amanda Christine, but she sure looks sweet …




That’s the inimitable Katherine Gerdes, known far and wide for her formal yet confortable designs, hiding in her hoodie. With any luck, she’ll launch a new line of jersey dresses in conjunction with Voltage ’08.



Not to beat a dead horse, but George Moskal (above) is my absolute faves – not the least of my reasons is that he just lent me the dress for which I previously begged. I plan to wear it to a holiday party this Friday. Stay tuned for the full frontal.