Restaurant Redux Part 2

Did that last post inspire you to gather your recipes and put together a business plan? Have you been thinking "I throw great dinner parties and I make a heckuva salsa, why don’t I open my own Tex-West place?"

Whoa there, Nelly. There’s more to it than you think. Thank goodness the BBCA is around to provide you with the proof.

Last Restaurant Standing is a new show in which¬†9 amateur food lovin’ couples try to open and run their own restaurants. They’re judged by a panel of "inspectors" who’ll dole out challenges to the three lowest-rated (unlike real inspectors who’ll just pad-lock your doors like they did a few weeks ago to the new cowboy in town).

What could happen? Water pipes might burst over the newly set room just weeks before opening (that happened last month) or the armored car could get lost and just give up for the day, leaving you with no cash on hand (that happened last year). Through all the pressure and inevitable foibles, the teams must outlast each other for a chance to win backing by Raymond Blanc for their own, real restaurant. If they still want one by then.

Grab a sneak peek on Feb 7th at 8pm.