Tank-Like Titilation

As I mentioned before, my 166 piece photo library from the national automotive museum in Alsace is unweildly for online use. I focused mainly on potrait shooting of the most amazing vehicles on the planet–like this very early racing Bugatti from the 1920s.

I’d show you some photos of the Royale (the rarest and most expensive car in the world) but the lighting was terrible–at least for my phone camera. But heck, I consider the "tank" shot above pretty good for a phone camera. And I’ve never minded titilation.

P.S. If your tastes run modern, here’s clip of an M3 and an Veyron dragging it out (I have a pic of a Veyron but who cares.)

ERRATA!!!: In my previous post, I said that Ettore Bugatti’s Dad was a celebrated sculptor–alas, it was his brother, Rembrandt. (Does AP suggest the use of stitled words like "alas"?. Anon.)