Why do people think you’re strange?

Editor Julie Caniglia Apparently I ask rhetorical questions unrhetorically.
Senior Editor Brad Zellar You tell me and we’ll both know.
Assistant Editor Christy DeSmith I don’t dress my age.
Online Editor Cristina Córdova Oya wima wima, Yansa wima wima oko to bembe aseni.
Art Director Evangeline Johnson I sing silly made-up songs—poorly.
Production Manager Lisa Pahl I think I’m smart.

Ann Bauer Probably because I don’t care what people think.
Jeremy Iggers They do?
Colleen Kruse Faces get ugly when I’m alone.
Stephanie March I love peanut butter and mustard sandwiches.
Oliver Nicholson I am English.
Britt Robson I don’t leave home without my trademark penny loafers.
Peter Schilling, Jr. Because they’re meanies.
Copy Editor Katherine Lewis I watch TV in a union suit, pitch helmet, and snorkle.
Proofreader Judy Arginteanu I do the Tinklenberg dance.

Haily Gostas I don fake moustaches at whim.
Christopher Hontos I’m not very good at eye contact, that’s probably why.
Tyler Jensen I can sing Salt-n-Pepa’s “Shoop,” in it’s entirety, at a drop of a hat.
Tricia Towey Because I look at them strangely.

Publisher Tom Bartel Because I read Batman comics.
Associate Publisher Kristin Henning I can’t imagine; maybe my double entendres?
Controller Cindi Barthel Don’t know. Don’t care. Guess that’s why.
Circulation Manager Joe Kvam Freakish features?

Kela Caldwell Turkey dancing face!! Haaaaa ha ha!!!
A.J. Kiefer What? I’m sorry. I’m busy eating toenail clippings.
Elton Langland Elton=mirror. People see only themselves in me.

Sales Coordinator
Mary Olson I put the “ass” in “assertive.”
Online Sales Administrator Matt Bartel Because I’m my mother’s child.
Online Coordinator Jennifer Havrish ‘Cause I am.
Systems Admin/Network Guru Kristopher Wilson Was a hobbit the year after I was a dinosaur.