Exclusive Sneak Peek of Voltage 08

Unbeknownst to most folks, there was a public preview of the
Voltage ’08 fashions at last night’s 10,000 Arts Party. Mostly I spent the
evening being a bugaboo to the models backstage. (Don’t they look irritated?) But I also managed to take
these snapshots of the looks:


My favorite dress of the night was this casual number
(above) by Annie Larsen. This piece is very youthful, which is in accordance
with Larsen’s previous work. However, what truly captured my heart was the defined
waistline. And that’s no belt, my dears. It’s stitched right into the dress. This,
I think, makes it friendlier for wearers who are getting up there in years …


The above dress is by Amanda Christine, who seems to be
gaining more and more momentum as well as a fan base. You can buy her clothes
at Cliché, mind you.


This ensemble seemed fairly characteristic of designer Laura
–what with the asymmetrical cuts and juxtaposition of fabrics. However, I found
it to be much more feminine than her previous work, probably because of the
transparent top and the fur shrug.


George Moskal is genius. It’s as if he innately knows how to
flatter the female form. Here’s something I recently learned (through the
grapevine) about him: His day job is designing Liz Lange maternity clothes for Target.
Suddenly I see why the tent dresses jump to me from the clearance


And finally, here’s what’s new from Katherine Gerdes, who is
still up to her old tricks as far as draping goes. However, she’s added a new
twist, as you see here: hand dying the jersey fabrics.






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