ICY: Clear Views 02

Last year MCP inaugurated this annual exhibition “exploring linked portfolios of work” by a few selected photographers. We’re not sure how that makes it different from a small group show—the four photographers in this year’s ICY show share an affinity for psychology—but it may have something to do with the presentation of the work, which is geared toward exploiting the nature of the medium. British-born Minneapolitan Barbara Cummard, for instance, has created a twenty-foot mural, while the Toronto-based Frank Rodick and Londoner EJ Major arrange their images into what Rodick calls “polyptychs” or grid patterns; and New York-based Bastienne Schmidt strews images from “ShadowHome,” her series on her native Germany, across two walls.

Minnesota Center For Photography,165 13th Ave. N.E., Minneapolis; 612-824-5500.