Off to Mexico

Sick of winter much? Can you bear another cold day of having
to bulk up? Me either! That’s why I’m checking out for Mexico, yo. Feast
your eyes on this: the adorable, but nonetheless scanty, romper I procured for
the occasion (as modeled by the much thinner-than-me office floor).


The romper is by Michele Henry, originator of House of Henry
line (check the website if you care to see the above on an actual person). Here’s another of her warm-weather rompers, which is made from the same stretch
cotton and modeled by a lovely size-eight dress form.


I’ll mark my return in early March with coverage of three
local fashion shows:

Methinks it’s marginally interesting that the all-new
Envision fashion show, which promises to parade looks from the Cliché and Local
Motion boutiques across the IDS Center’s fiftieth floor, is going head to head
with the stalwart DIVA MN show. Among the DIVA designers, by the
way, will be Ms. Henry, mastermind of the rompers above.

The brand-new "Runway Luxury" show will feature unattainable
clothes by Monique Lhuillier (whose only local connection, really, is that she
keeps an Edina
boutique) and Joynoëlle (a certified Twin Citian) at the soon-to-open Ivy boutique

In the meanwhile, stay reasonably warm, will you?