In a Word, Slutty

A word regarding this month’s fashion feature and the related
discussion: Jason DeRusha did not, in fact, call his wife slutty. He was simply
being witty about the fact that 1) he is, in fact, male and 2) he therefore prefers that his
beautiful wife wear form-flattering clothes. And yes, friends, in the minds of
men, I’m afraid "attractive" has often been conflated with "slutty."


So, is this one of those quotes that should’ve fallen to the
cutting-room floor? Perhaps. But, in my mind, it was just too specific/amusing to pass
over. And you know what? If it was my boyfriend who had gone shopping for me, I
can almost guarantee that, knowing him and the way he talks, he would’ve used a
different, even more incriminating word as he picked out one of those uninspired,
almost ass-baring sundresses to which he’s partial: "whorish." Of course, in reality, I’m not really a whore. In fact, I’m pretty much a prude.