You’re My Favorite Kind of Pretty

Recent conversations with Jon Ferguson,
that rising star of the local theater scene, revealed a topical theme:
The man is headlong in love. Since he and his partner, performer Megan Odell of Live Action Set,
recently welcomed a baby boy into the world, Ferguson—formerly an
itinerant, couch-surfing bachelor—finds himself an unlikely inhabitant
of a state of domestic bliss. His latest show, fittingly, explores the
gradations of romantic relationships: from love at first sight to (with
any luck) a committed coupling. A cast of fine, crush-worthy
collaborators lent their own romantic histories to the project,
including Jennifer Davis,
whose vivid paintings Ferguson finds distinctly feminine and beautiful,
and Sara Richardson, a stellar (and dismayingly under-used) performer
who somehow manages to be both physically lovely and goofy as all

Southern Theater, 612-340-1725.