"Edina Mom" above Mammaries

Look, I deeply understand that trenchant matters of importance are upon us. Hillary is imploding, the silver haired wren is the latest casualty of climate change (speaking as an amateur orthonologist, it matters), sticky sidewalks in downtown Minneapolis are about to be re-introduced due to the flaccid governance of a weak Mayor system in spite of the fervor of one Raymond Thomas.

And yet.

From my little corner of the online world, I keep getting comments from suburban daughters protesting what they consider a creepy commentary on an Edina female sending her kids off to "camp."

While the page views are not about to unseat the Chocolate Rapper or Austin Hall’s hands any time soon, the personal attacks on me have crossed from online to the check-out line at Lunds. I was cornered by a soccer mom last night as I discussed cars with the check-out dude and started talking about the Road Rake. Apparently, her daugther and a friend have been dissing my exposure of a Ferrari-clad mom in the lobby of Colonial Church last summer.

Note the derision in the daughter’s voice:

"yah so what she wears a ferrari jacket…. OMG thats outrageous who
cares like you took the time out of your day to make some video about
some lady for edina… what i want to know is why are you looking at
this womens chest reading her shirts when you are sending your kids off
to camp who cares what shes wearing say goodbye to your kid and then go
you think your kid is proud that you spend your time making jealous

The Road Rake will not stoop to answer a coddled cake-eater at YouTube.

On the other hand, I would like to point out to my blog readers that the chest footage has nothing to do with my observation that a woman, wearing a Ferarri jacket, who sends her kids off to a three-day "camp" with care packages the size of a Marshall Plan drop probably could not tell a real car from real kid.

George Marshall (pictured) could.