Brandy of the Damned

Today is the birthday of legendary showman Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., the man behind Ziegfeld Follies. So take a moment to view this old trailer for the 1936 film, The Great Ziegfeld.

We have a rather gray and wet weekend in store, but we can certainly warm our hearts with a little brandy of the damned. (It’s rather fitting for Good Friday, no?) Who was it that said music is the brandy of the damned? I think it was Shaw, but I’ll leaving the Googling to you.

Ray Bonneville and Tim O’Reagan

I’ve never been much of a label whore; I could care less what label any given musician is with, and for the most part, I don’t even pay attention to it. But I have to say, I’m getting to a point where I’ll pretty much go see anyone who’s with Red House Records. What can I say? They just seldom go wrong, if ever. And tonight’s performer is no exception. Having recently released his Goin’ By Feel album on the Red House label, poet-singer-songwriter Ray Bonneville brings his folk-blues fingerpicking stylings to the Cedar this evening. Think Dylan, but with a low, mellifluous voice. And you won’t want to miss the opening act, either: Tim O’Reagan, former drummer for the Jayhawks. O’Reagan only recently stepped out from behind the drumset and is spreading his singer-songwriter wings quite eloquently.

Friday at 8 p.m., The Cedar, 416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-338-2674; $16.

Saturday Selections

There’s a lot of great music to choose from on Saturday night. For starters, Crosby, Stills & Nash tickets go on sale, so if you want to catch their July 11th show, be sure to act fast. Then choose from the mnSpin kick-off party at the Nomad
World Pub
, L.A. punk-rockers X at the Cabooze, or Self the Remix spoken word at the Playwright’s Center. Or, for an evening of first-rate local music, with a meaningful film, see below.


Rock The Red Tail!

Pack in an evening of assorted amazement. Support a filmmaker. Learn about an industry — and the workers behind it. And enjoy some of our most established local rockers. Filmmaker Dawn Mikkelson and her co-director Melissa Koch invite you to Rock The Red Tail. The event, aimed at raising funds and awareness for their new film, will include a preview screening of The Red Tail — a documentary that examines the harsh realities of globalization through the impact of Northwest Airlines’ struggles on Twin Cities families. But the evening isn’t all of such a serious nature. Lighten up and celebrate with performances by Lori Barbero (Babes in Toyland), Artifact Shore, Martin Devaney (3-time MN Music Award Nominee), JoAnna James (2005 & 2006 MN Music Awards “Female Vocalist of the Year”), and Mike Gunther (City Pages’ “Best Male Vocalist” for 2007).

Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m., In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, 1500 East Lake St., Minneapolis; 612-721-2535; $25.

Married Life

Based on the 1953 pulp mystery novel Five Roundabouts to Heaven, Ira Sach’s new film, Married Life, follows the relationships and ethical dilemmas presented by a
man and his wife, a man and his mistress, a wife and her lover, and the
rakish friend that likes the mistress. Chris Cooper, with pain and disillusionment fused into every pore, delivers the sort of nuanced performance that we’ve come to expect from him. Rachel McAdams is similarly able to shock a semblance of life into Kay, the thinly written object of affection for both leading men. —Brandon Root, read his full review

Opens Friday, (1:50, 4:30) 7:20, 9:35 p.m., Edina Cinema, 3911 W. 50th St., Edina; 651-649-4416.

Also opening this weekend: Snow Angels and Paranoid Park.

Last Weekend: Soul on Ice

The Art Within Us artist group embraces the cold for the final weekend of Soul on Ice, featuring work by some hundred African-American and immigrant artists on view at the Soap Factory—which is, mind you, unheated. Don’t let a little frost distract you from the artwork, though; the show spotlights the value and depth of black culture. And on Saturday (2-4 p.m.) join an open discussion with community leaders on the subjects of raising culture consciousness, the future of culture through our children, and cultural leadership.

Friday from 2 to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m., The Soap Factory, 518 Second St. S.E., Minneapolis; 612-623-9176; free.

The North Face Opens Uptown Store

Just in time for the warm weather, a new North Face store is opening today in Uptown Minneapolis. Go buy some summer toys to get you movitated and start the blood a-flowin’. There’s nothing like zipping those two sleeping bags together after a full-day hike.

Opens Friday, North Face, 3008 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Oh, and be sure to read Linda Morganstein’s new Rake Appeal piece: "Minnesota Couples: Beware IKEA!"