The Pope and BMW. Hellish.

I have been struck by lightning.

BMW now apparently wants the Popemobile biz (proposal depicted above). As a Mercedes (exclusive builders of Vatican limos for an eternity) owner, I pray for an intercession.

As no self-respecting Swabian would be seen in a high-end Manure Wagen, neither should His Most Holy Benedict.

Irrefutable evidence of this can been seen in the long, storied history that Mercedes has enjoyed with the Vatican. I believe its finest hour was clearly the 600 Pullman Series open top cars from the early sixties. I could wax about them, but I think this ad from a Seattle limo service does it best:

"The rarest of the hand built 600 limousines was the Landaulet, of which only 59 were ever made.

exclusive parade cars were owned by royalty and heads of state,
including Pope Paul VI. The previous owner of this car was a Columbian
sinessman. The head of a highly profitable “import-export” cartel,
he is now serving a number of life sentences in a US Federal

The penultimate bridal limousine, or the crowning touch for a special
occasion. B
y itself, or in convoy with one or both of our matching ex-Hugh
Hefner 600 Pullmans , this magnificent example of automotive indulgence
will make a day to remember."

Why I even need to make argument is beyond me. Given that Pope Benedict is from Bavaria, however, I am not exactly holding out a candle. Dio mio te deum in grande excelsis.







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