Kevin Spacey. Naked.

I usually take my coffee black. I prefer the same color in comedies, and particularly in that rare dark comedy that can be called a film.  

As you raid your video store or netflix account this weekend, finding a good dark film can be difficult–particularly when they are packaged as standard-blend comedies of the Carey/Farley/Sandler variety. 

Swimming With Sharks,* produced in 1994 is that rare film in the wrong wrapper. It is a comedy of the darkest shade–with stellar, emotionally raw performances from Kevin Spacey, Frank Whaley and Michelle Forbes.

The film was written and directed by George Huang, who, along with Richard Rodriguez were two "hot young director" names to drop at Chateau Marmont in the mid-90s.

RR hit payday later but I am not quite sure what happened to GH. All I do know is that he directs Kevin Spacey in a role that strips comedy to the bone. It’s not very funny. And that’s just the point.  

 (* If you want the story line and reviews you can read the link.)