(pictured: the AMG R-class Mercedes. 502HP, 0-60, 4.7 seconds. Meet the Mom who owns one–lives in Excelsior.)

Mother’s Day manipulative?

Not for Road Rakes.

I have always found, for example, that Mimosas pair nicely with a late model Mercedes and/or Maserati. For this reason, you ought consider taking your mom car shopping. Women buy more cars than men anyway (a fact that seems lost on most dealers.)

May I suggest you sprint over to Sears in that Mercury you only think Mom likes and replace it with something a little more "Momma." The Maserati dealer is just down the street, and if you Mom is a real Foxy Brown then window shop the F-150 Crew Cab Harleys on the Ford lot close by. (Frontage road across the highway from Ridgedale.) 

clipped some pics of what the most important woman in your life really
should be driving. She’s probably already flagged these cars, so I’ll
help you avoid embarassment. Take a peek.

This is the new Benz on tap for 2010. If your Mother is German (as many Minnesota Moms may be), she’ll love this little coupe.

This is post is to be continued…just saw my own Mom pull up in the Viggen (two new hips and she still drives a stick.)

These flowers look puny.






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