The Neglected Breast

north, he knew of only one wine shop where you could spend
upward of $400 a bottle, but here in Florida, even Walgreen’s carried
high-end Bordeaux and Pinot Noir and Cabernet, all of it locked in a
little glass case. Before today, he wouldn’t have even slowed
to look at it.

take that one," he said to the clerk.


some of those Macanudos, too, the big fat ones."


What else ya got?"

we have some excellent Port, very rare vintages, all of it superb."

Give me two bottles of whatever you think and throw in a pint of the
worst bourbon you have."

worst, Sir?"

to stash in the garage."

course," he winked. "Anything else?"

oughta do it. And don’t forget the senior discount."

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