Day 1 Begins

After getting settled into the "Swilly Suite" and meeting up with the girls, we all decided that we should check out and meet the other guests at the Hyatt.

A few lobster rolls, sparkling water—and, yes, white wine—later, it was
clear that Aspen was not just going to be any old vacation; it was a place in which I felt (for the first time in a long time) completely comfortable — no BS, just a place where I could wear the PJ’s from the outlet (in public), have good food and drinks with people who were (like me) not trying to impress anyone, and most important, learn to "vacation" and trust good friends again.

The first night was nothing short of amazing: great food, a lot of (inside) Jewish jokes
on the left bed, and sleep on the right bed.

Day 1 begins.