Is It Counterfeit or Real?

This painting — a wedding present from my parents — was done by an artist who met me and Howard only two times at my parent’s home. I would love to give the artist credit, but after he painted several originals for my family… well… Lets just say that he’s not the most honest business man.

How do I tell at this point in my life if someone or something is real or not? How do I distinguish what is Counterfeit?

I use the only tool I have that doesn’t cost $$$$$$ — my instincts.

On so many occasions I should have put my foot down, like I did for this photo yesterday.

But I caved to my vulnerable side, wanting everyone that I love and care about to have the same advantages I have.

My heart has been in the right place since I was but a little Melly — except when I’ve placed it in the hands of Counterfeit people, who are nothing short of hurtful and dangerous.

It is perhaps a characteristic of humanity to feel sad when someone we see is hurting, and to feel frustrated when we don’t get our way; but the worst part of being human is the jealousy we feel when someone has something that we don’t have.

I have been there myself at times, I suppose; but in truth, I don’t have green blood running through my veins. I have red blood that bleeds through my skin when it’s cut.

Yesterday was one of those days that I wish I could bottle and sell. First, I shared a delicious lunch at Red Stag in Northeast Minneapolis, with people that I like, admire, and respect. (Sharing a nice meal with people with whom you can be yourself is one of life’s greatest pleasures!)

After lunch, I caught up on the phone with some good friends who I know have my back.

And then I went shoe shopping with my son and daughter, giving them the freedom to buy shoes that THEY feel comfortable in — at the Foursome in Wayzata. They were, unfortunately, unsuccessful; but I got some great deals on Uggs, Cole Haan’s, Merrell’s, and shoes that make you feel like you’re floating on air—AQUATALIAS.

Finally, after a great lunch, great conversation with authentic people, and great shoe shopping with my children (resulting in shoes I can actually walk in), my daughter and I picked up a special treat from Byerly’s, so that when my husband and son got home late last night, we all had a chocolate pie party.

Late last night and into the early morning hours it was hard for me to let go of a most comforting and comfortable day. This was one of the most relaxed and content days I have had since I was that little Melly wanting to give the people I love and care about the advantages that I had. You can’t counterfeit that!

I went to sleep in one of my husband’s cotton T-Shirts, still wearing Jewelry (well worth the investment), and slept blissfully for four straight hours — making it really difficult to wake up this morning and start a new and realistic day.

A tip for those of you who think that knock offs are just as good as the real deal: When I was a kid, I was told that if you don’t have the money to pay for something in cash, it’s best you don’t purchase it at all. The same lesson goes for life. If you are Not the real deal and you try to wrap yourself in a Tiffany Box (with nothing inside), you too will be exposed.