MSNBC — Reporting from the Twin Cities

The screams continue as the overhead screens show MSNBC reporting from right here, the Xcel Center. Ah… now I understand why news reports always show people cheering in the background. They’re just cheering themselves on. How quaint. Somehow, as a viewer, you always assume the cheers are for the politician. (I should have known better.)

It’s 7:12 PM, and the entire front area of the arena — the only part from whence you can see the stage — is now full. My bad. I see about twenty seats in the upper far corner, all the way in back.

O-BAMA! O-BAMA! The crowd chants.

Really we’re just sitting here watching the news, only with more applause — and more traffic on the way here.

7:44 — Watching McCain’s speech in Lousianna.

7:56 — "Yes We Can" video playing overhead.