Turn It Down

Press access to the general public has now been cut off. The only way out of the press area is through the tunnel.

According to Tim Russert, Obama’s people are negotiating Hillary’s withdrawal. Hillary insists she should be offered the VP position, so she can turn it down and withdraw with dignity. Obama’s people are game, as long as she puts it in writing that she will not accept.

At this point, it’s hard to say what speech to expect. How long before the Democratic nominee can gloat a little?

Tom Friedman just walked in surrounded by cameras. Biggest star treatment yet. Thomas Jefferson arriving in Paris.

8:25 p.m.

The Xcel Center is filled to capacity, the crowd high on caffeinated drinks, fried foods and nachos are getting restless. We’re told the Xcel administration cut the crowd off at 20,000, but the center continues to fill with people, even behind the press risers, where the view, if any, is very limited.

Outside the stragglers and protesters are dispersing. Inside the music is blaring.

Hillary Clinton is expected to speak to her followers in New York at any moment.

In 39 minutes the final polls close, and this marathon of a primary will end.

Tonight, the buck stops here.