Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

We deserve Barack Obama.

That is tonight’s message.

And Obama has arrived!

The crowd roars — everyone on their feet, so many of them smiling, laughing, a few even silently crying. Is this the message of change?

He can barely be heard above the din. For three whole minutes the crowd roars, only getting louder before they finally leave their voices in Obama’s care.

"Thank you…"

And the crowd roars again.

He dedicates the evening to his grandmother.

And the crowd roars again. MN for Change. Women 4 Change. Students for Obama. Aarp for Obama. Vets for Obama. Even Christians for Obama. They’re all here.

"Our primaries season has finally come to an end," he declares.

And, of course, the crowd roars again. We all know what this means.

"I will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States."

There it is people. Yes you can.

And I think I’m deaf now.

Obama continues. He sings Hillary’s praises, claiming to be a better person because of her, from running against her.

He addresses those that say the Democratic party is weaker now because of their campaign. He brings up the millions of Americans who have cast their first votes. Judging from the crowd in here, he is right about this. Sure, there are folks of all ages — but so many young ones. Folks of all races, ethnicities, cultures, even countries. Folks of all kinds. And I wonder how many of these — even I — might vote this year were it not for him. For this campaign. And I wonder how many other — who might not even vote for him — might vote because of him. And I can’t help but think that this is good. That this is something.

Something is happening here. Oh, I hope — whatever it may be. Something is happening here.

More applause.

"We may call ourselves Democrats and Republicans, but we are Americans first."

The crowd roards again, and a man, far back in a third-row seat, stares dumbfounded at the screen as we wipes his eyes.

People believe this guy. They believe in him. And they believe that he believes in them.

"America, this is our moment. This is our time to turn the page on the policies of the past."

Do they really believe this is going to happen? That we will care for our sick? That we will provide jobs for all? That we will stop destroying our planet? They sure seem to. And I must say, it’s a beautiful, beauitful dream.

Before he waves good-bye, he hugs his wife. And she says, "I love you." I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one.