POWER: Yes, there is a PRICE YOU PAY

I used to think that having POWER meant a better night’s rest and less worrying. I was again Wrong.

In MY life I get to see a lot of things that most people don’t get to see. And there are times when I am so grateful for that window of lights, cameras, action — and other times when I am just at a loss for words.

Yesterday, I wanted my daughter to see something to which I have been privy much of my life — a dignitary parade of sorts — and get her perspective. Oh, I got it all right, but not what a Mom wants to hear from her teenage child who, like her mom, has seen too much — The Truth.

As we sat outside, watching town cars round the bend, my daughter fell silent, stunned by the production, by the number of people it takes to transport one dignitary to a private event, and by the way any resident’s needs or comfort falls to the wayside in these circumstances. What happens to a man when he no longer has his caravan? And what of the seemingly wasted man hours? — so many people just standing around.

I spent many years chasing stories in the same way that everybody else in the media does — trying to make sure I was asking the questions that the viewers wanted answers to. Now that line between asking the wrong and right questions — and taking a story too far — have become even more blurred. This is my life. And I have people to protect, just like the dozens of agents standing around.

I am a human being, right? And I eat, work, and use the restroom like everyone else, right? So what is the difference between me and, say, the Secret Service, the State Trooper, and the cop who makes a living protecting what the public should know and not know?

What makes me different from these people is that They, as PUBLIC SERVANTS, pay a hell of a price for their Jobs. Imagine waking up in the morning, saying goodbye to a family that you love and protect, leaving your home, and saying hello to people you are PAID to protect — only, instead of a hug or kiss you get complaint after complaint after complaint.

Yesterday, the story wasn’t inside, with the dignitaries (where the cameras would be, if only "they" knew), it was just outside, where I was
standing. It was in the herds of people Paid to Protect.

As Melinda Jacobs from "Action News" discovered, these people are nothing short of Heroes. Despite having to spend their day in idleness, they were wonderful and kind ALL day, hour after hour. (Only one Female State Trooper gave me "the look" on property that is rightfully mine.) And I could do nothing but be nice back.

"We finally got some nice weather today."
"I am going to get some coffee. Would you like some?"
"Are you hot? Because I would be happy to run and get you some water."

That is all that I could do with MY Power, but with Their Power they looked me in the eye with a nice smile and gave me that extra feeling of security that comes from being in the hands of people we as taxpayers are LUCKY as HELL to employ. This truly makes me glad that the harder I work, and the more money I make, the more money goes to a workforce of people that Deserve to wear their badges proudly, turn on their sirens, go through stop signs (because they Have to), and put on a uniform that carries the power of life or death.

If only more of my tax dollars went to the workforce that serves and protects, and less to the ones that abuse freedom… Oh, I would sleep so much better.

To the Republican Party: I have evidence that I will protect in a safe place.
To the Democratic Party: I have evidence that I will protect in a safe place.
To the Independent Party: I have evidence that I will protect in a safe place.
To those who are undecided: While you fight it out I will be at Dairy Queen having a turtle sundae.