Public Servants by Day, Dead Sexy by Night

While the Forbes recent “The
20 Hottest Royals in the World
” list serves only as a dire warning of the
horrific effects of inbreeding, now that the polls have closed on Minnesota’s
first annual “Most Beautiful People at the Capitol” awards it’s safe to say
that the state’s residents can rest easy in the knowledge that they have some
fine minds, and incredible bodies, watching over them. Even now, whilst
apocalyptic hail and thunder rains around them, The Rake’s finely trained staff
is culling through the hundreds of nominations searching for the ten people at
the state’s Capitol who leave a trail of arrhythmia and thoughts of special
sessions in their wake.

Once chosen, these happy few will participate in a photo
shoot to be featured here when the list is announced in mid-June. Once the list
is up, Rake readers will have the opportunity to relive their high school glory
days and vote for their choice of King and Queen of the Ball – singling out one
man and one woman as the hottest politico of them all. The results will then be
announced with much fanfare amid a shower of rainbows and vestal virgins
astride unicorns. These newly crowned titans of Minnesota’s political world
will surely then use their powers for naught but good – balancing budgets and
righting wrongs whilst running through the corridors of government in a Baywatch-style slow-motion

So watch this space to learn for yourself who has what
it takes – be it Peter Brickwedde, Laura Brod, or any of the 91 other nominees
colleagues, friends and assorted admirers submitted!






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