Bruno Making His Rounds

Okay, so the above pic is not Bruno, but is the same (Morkie) breed. Could be a cousin. Or future ladyfriend?

Yes it’s true: I am obsessed with Bruno the new family dog but not
for the reasons you may think…At first the house seemed calm and picture-like.

Well that was last week. Now….not so much. Our new, little under-2 lb. Morkie is driving me crazy…After realizing that I have a job that requires me to be at an office and not playing at home–there was no choice today. Bruno was coming to work with me, his Grandma.

Don’t get me wrong: After we dropped off his Mom at her work
the car ride was fine. That is until his Mom got out of the car and it was just the two of us…

This dog has not made a peep since we got him. He has used his potty
pads and has slept through the night really well. So what the hell happened?

Yip! Yip! Yip! at the top of his little lungs for the entire 30 minutes in
the car while I was trying to keep my composure. When my kids used to "Yip" the pacifier worked wonders, but there is no pacifier for puppies!

I turned the music to a station I figured he may like (WLTE) and kept my voice calm. But I soon got to the office and was greeted at the door by one of my office mates with a, "He is so cute! Can I hold him?"

"Yeah you can hold him as long as you want. Are you busy for the next 3 hours?"

In and out all day long, Bruno has been greeted by everyone here at
Jacobs Trading with love and kindness—the only person who is about to lose it is ME!

How on earth did I agree to this deal of my daughter having a new puppy? One she promised she would take care of all day? And here I am trying to catch up on e-mails and phone calls in between him finding pieces of styrofoam that I didn’t know existed, finding spots that have hidden wires and, worse, using his puppy pad from a distance and spraying my new rug.

OY–Warning to all parents and grandparents–when the child you love
begs and pleads for That Puppy…be very careful before you grant her wish or you could end up like me.

Ahh, he is finally sleeping…Back to work! 🙂