Step Right Up: Free Stuff at The State Fair!


The Education Building aka "The Free Building"

I love free stuff. Even free stuff that sucks. I will happily snap up that pencil with a dentist’s website printed on the side of it, or any kitten/bald eagle/generic landscape calendar
that comes into my hemisphere. I think free food tastes better than
food you pay for, and free booze makes me a happier drunk. I liken the
State Fair to shopping at Target – you never leave without spending at
least $50. However, there is a place on the State
Fair estate where free stuff abounds. Upon entering through the
main gates via Snelling Avenue, just to your right is what I call "the
free building," a mecca of really boring educational crap
that no one really cares about, that just so happens to be chocked full
of booths handing out free pointless do-dads such as magnets, pens,
and, last time I checked, condoms. Now, you may say, "Who cares? I
steal pens from work," but that’s not the point. The point is, free
stuff is free stuff, so you might as well take advantage of it. Not to mention, those
"Read a Book a Day" magnets can be easily covered with origami paper or
bedazzled to make cool adornments for your fridge!

Disclaimer: j/k education, we all know you’re important!

Bonus: Stop by the MPR booth between Noon-2pm today to check out my zany thespian pal Dylan Fresco (who also has the best eyebrows in the Twin Cities) and knife-juggling chair-aerialist David Harris as they perform a two-man Vaudville extravaganza.

9am-9pm, Education Building, Between the Creative Annex and Arts Building, State Fair Grounds


Up Up and Away

You’ve only got two days to see this very special production at the Pillsbury House Theater, so step to it! The Chicago Avenue Project
gives inner-city kids a hands-on theater experience, bringing together
professional adult playwrights, actors and directors with neighborhood
youth to create and produce an original theater piece. Up Up and Away
is a collection of short plays conceived and performed by young
participants in this amazing program. Make an evening of it with a
casual post-show dinner at Matt’s Bar with a couple of their infamous juicy lucys and a pitcher of beer – just
a hop, skip and a jump from the theater. Play runs August 25th-26th.

7pm, Pillsbury House Theater, 3501 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, Free


Becky Thompson & Old School

Get your old-timey country western swing on at Lee’s Liqour Lounge
tonight! Anyone who’s a dive bar connoisseur
appreciates the classic roadhouse-esque feel to Lee’s as well as its
charismatic patrons – and tonight’s entertainment does perfect justice
to the venue’s legacy. Becky Thompson & Old School
revive whiskey-soaked background noise and nostalgia with their classic
country sound. Thompson’s sweet drawl cements the charm of this
talented six-piece ensemble from, of all places, Burnsville. Kick back,
sip some brown liquor, grab your lady by the waist and swing her around, because with music like this it only seems natural. Mondays are "Classic Country Night" at Lee’s, so don’t get tears in your beer if you can’t make it, there’s always next time!

8:15pm, Lee’s Liquor Lounge ,101 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, Free






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