Cupcakes, Political Humor & Icelandic Dream Pop


World Flavors at The Bulldog Northeast

Hot tip alert! The Rake still has a VERY LIMITED number of tickets left for tonight’s World Flavors dinner at The Bulldog Northeast! Now, I know what you’re thinking, fancy pants, but the Bulldog is not just a cool bar with an awesome outdoor patio, killer beer selection, and shuffleboard – it’s also a fantastic restaurant. Tonight’s special dinner goes above and beyond with four courses of gourmet deliciousness along with three (yes, three) thoughtfully paired pints of Belgian brew, and to top it all off, a famous Bulldog cupcake with a side o’ Peace Coffee! Eat and drink like it’s going out of style
this evening as the Bulldog serves up such culinary delights as foie gras
meatballs, stuffed shrimp cocktail, cobb salad with chicken confit and
harissa dressing, succulent salmon fillet and more, all for a mere $35! If you know what’s
good for you, you’ll click HERE right this minute to snap up one of the few remaining tickets that we have left!

6pm-8pm, Bulldog Northeast, 401 E. Hennepin Avenue, Northeast Minneapolis, $35


A Political Conversation for Everyone

Come on down to the Highland Park Library this evening for a hilarious political conversation with Triple Espresso comedian Bill Arnold. Join like-minded folks at this humorous edition of the St. Paul Public Library’s Saint Paul-itics
series, which was created to inspire and inform the public through
discussions with respected authors, speakers and community leaders.
Tonight Arnold explores how past and present public figures have shaped
our democracy (for better or worse) in A Political Conversation for Everyone. Make a night of it with a cute dinner at popular Highland Park pizza and pasta joint, Grampa Tony’s,
which I can personally vouch for, having waitressed there for a year
when I was an out-of-control teen. I’d personally recommend the
super-savory Italian roast beef sandwich with mozzarella, it comes on
buttery garlic bread and it’s as big as your head.

7pm, Highland Park Library, 1974 Ford Parkway, St. Paul, Reserve free tickets HERE



In my imagination, Iceland is a dreamy northern paradise where
strapping, bearded men wear wool sweaters and smell like cold air and
sea salt, and all the girls look like Bjork.
They drink ice-cold vodka from heavy tumblers while talking about
literature and art and music. They kiss each other constantly and time
moves slowly, sleepily and happily. Tonight’s show at the Varsity only
encourages my assumptions with the entrancingly sweet and chilly sounds
of Parachutes. Hailing from Reykjavik this pretty young troupe of Icelandic dream rockers joins my own psychedelic faves Solid Gold and special guests Greycoats for a hazy, melodic evening of beautiful music that will most definitely put stars in your eyes.

7pm, Varsity Theater, 1308 4th Street SE, Dinkytown, $10


Kathyrn Savage’s Stick-It Guide

To me, the State Fair rivals sex, strong drinks, and Law and Order: SVU
reruns. And I love fornicating almost as much as I love watching TV.
Walking into the State Fair, the guy who took my ticket told me to
"enjoy something on a stick!" I told him I would. Oh, yes I would.
Because everyone knows, the fair is proof you can never go wrong
deep-frying anything and putting it on-a-stick. I’d eat Jerry Orbach’s
eye if you battered it, and served it in stick-form. Thanks to reader
request, (and my own desire to eat as much at the fair as possible),
I’ve compiled a list of day-one, stick-samplings. Sad to say, I made
some disappointing choices. Read my guide to spare yourself the same
fate. -Kathryn Savage

Click HERE to read Kathryn’s Stick-It Guide!

6am-Midnight Daily, State Fair Grounds, Saint Paul, $11






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