Guest: Pitchers and Catchers Report

From my friend Andy Fuller. Pitchers and catchers report. We can arise from our slumber. Since the beginning of human civilization we have moved with the rhythms of the seasons. When most of us were tied to the land, we gathered and hunted and farmed and traveled as the seasons allowed. When the industrial revolution […]

It's cold. Give me a discount.

I stopped in at Sebastian Joe’s last night and was happy to find that they have a special tied to the temerature in January and February. Depending on what the low temperature is on a given day you can get anywhere from 5 to 25 percent off ice cream. This weekend we should be looking […]

How Do You Judge Time?

Yesterday I had one of those zen moments while doing laundry. What if I judged the passing of time not by weeks and months but instead by laundry loads. How many laundry loads old am I? If I had to hazard guess it would be about 852. That sounds a lot wiser than 29 years […]

Go Pack Go

A trip to Lambeau field to watch the Vikings play the Packers would be a highlight of the year for any real football fan. I don’t quite fit that level, but with a father that grew up in the U.P. (thus making him a Green Bay fan) I didn’t even realize until I got to […]

Guest Blogger: More Than a Catalog

My friend Claudia had some great things to say in a coversation we had the other night about our mutual love of the Sky Mall. She offered to share them and I gladly accepted. Here you go: For most americans, the holiday season involves two, often expensive, components: travel and shopping. Even though I’m from […]

Minnesota Winters (updated)

Give me snow. I want it. I want to play in it. I want to see it. I’ll shovel. I’ll get wet shoes. I’ll let my boss give me whitewashes. Much to my suprise while doing some research this weekend, I realized that we have actually been getting more inches of snow per year in […]

Ode to Sun Country

I have flown six times in the past year – three times on Sun Country and three on the “major” airlines. The experience on the the two is so different it is almost laughable. Apparently, Sun Country

My Favorite Holiday

If only we could ditch the Turkey. Thanksgiving easily trumps all other Holidays at this point in my life. As a kid, the two week Christmas vacation with presents and the week long Easter vacation with a fun egg hunt overshadowed the four day weekend and “kids’ table”. With the advent of adult cynism the […]

Absentee Voting

This week I voted absentee for the second time in three years. I have to say I love it.

My Second Job

I went to the Mall of America the other day with my girlfriend to buy some shoes. Of course we had to stop at Banana Republic and some other stores. When the stop got a little long I wandered over to Brookstone and partook in my one of my favorite pastimes: sitting in a massage […]