The End of the High Road

Even casual strollers of downtown St. Paul will most likely notice the majestic High Bridge, just west of the business district. Towering above the other bridges of the city’s scenic Mississippi River valley and summiting at 160 feet above the Big Muddy, the High Bridge carries Smith Avenue from the bustling West Seventh Street commercial […]

Brand of Sky Blue Waters

Growing up on the East Side of St. Paul in the sixties, I always took Hamm’s beer for granted. The giant brewery was simply part of the neighborhood scenery, little more than a dependable source of jobs—at least until the seventies, when it was sold and started succumbing to fickle consumer tastes and corporate mismanagement, […]

Above & Below

From a Twin Cities perspective, Duluth’s alternative music and arts scene briefly flashed across our consciousness for a while around the turn of the century. Seemingly all at once, there was a great compilation CD (Duluth Does Dylan), a breakout band (Low), and a feisty, well-written alterna-rag (the Ripsaw). There were big stories in Twin […]

10 Ways to Make Sure You’ll Never Fly Again

We can’t guarantee anything, but here’s a good start. 1) Have the misfortune of being named “Ben Laden.” Ben E. Laden, a resident of Washington D.C., tells The Rake that he gets stopped and singled out for a “special search” every time he flies. Laden says he gets reported to the FBI repeatedly by Web […]