Dancing and Double Axels Downtown

I promised this story about my years as a figure skater awhile back, but I wasn’t ready to fall on my ass -again- until I knew in my heart it was time. I could write a book on my years of experiences as a figure skater but from the looks of things as they stand […]

Bruno Making His Rounds

Okay, so the above pic is not Bruno, but is the same (Morkie) breed. Could be a cousin. Or future ladyfriend? Yes it’s true: I am obsessed with Bruno the new family dog but not for the reasons you may think…At first the house seemed calm and picture-like. Well that was last week. Now….not so […]

Having "It," but not necessarily talking about "It"

Note to "media types:" Your power by using sexual innuedno to get the "prized audience" isn’t working so well…anymore! I have been spending a lot of time lately doing research on what people read and why. There are a few important areas that seem to bug the future of this country and the ones who […]

Highlights from Aspen

Instead of giving you the day-by day-reports of Melly in Aspen, here are a few of the highlights. Swiller decided that we all should get a little high from mother earth, and we did — a super cold, wet, and intense high, care of Blazing Adventures. After the 45-minute bus ride, in which we made […]

Day 1 Begins

After getting settled into the "Swilly Suite" and meeting up with the girls, we all decided that we should check out and meet the other guests at the Hyatt. A few lobster rolls, sparkling water—and, yes, white wine—later, it was clear that Aspen was not just going to be any old vacation; it was a […]

"Melly" does Colorado :-) JAP Style

When my husband and I were asked to go on vacation to Colorado as a guest of our good friends the Swillers, how could we say no? Last week was filled with good memories and a lot of REALITY. After landing in Denver with the guys, we still had a three hour drive to Aspen […]

Is It Counterfeit or Real?

This painting — a wedding present from my parents — was done by an artist who met me and Howard only two times at my parent’s home. I would love to give the artist credit, but after he painted several originals for my family… well… Lets just say that he’s not the most honest business […]

POWER: Yes, there is a PRICE YOU PAY

I used to think that having POWER meant a better night’s rest and less worrying. I was again Wrong. In MY life I get to see a lot of things that most people don’t get to see. And there are times when I am so grateful for that window of lights, cameras, action — and […]

HOLY STACKS! Your Favorite TV STAR Sits Here

After having a fun conversation with Jason DeRusha about what people’s desks say about them, he was kind enough to get approval for me to come down to WCCO and take some candid snapshots of the areas that our favorite TV STARS call home when the lights, cameras, and action go out. Frank VascelleroI first […]

The Greatest Gift: The Unknown

It should come as no surprise at this point, to regular readers of my blog, that I am not shy about sharing with you what makes me… ME. This morning I saw a DVD that I had been waiting for, sitting on my counter in the kitchen — images from my family’s Zip Lining experience […]