Cure for the Common Life

Your job is a prison, gas is expensive, you’re in debt, and both your house and your SUV aren’t worth the money you chuck at them. During times like these, it’s hard to see the merits of the American way of life. If you’re desperate for some escapism, check out Surfwise, the story of a […]

A Seemingly Unlikely Marriage

The widely-discussed flamboyant personality of Irish playwright Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900) is such that many often forget that Wilde was married and fathered two sons. It is his wife, the comparatively uncovered Constance Wilde, that gets the spotlight in Thomas Kilroy’s The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde, which opened June 6 at the Guthrie […]

The Extraordinary True Life of George Hogg

It’s easy to understand the attraction of putting the extraordinary true life of George Hogg to film. An Englishman bearing witness to and working in war-torn 1930s China, Hogg became the headmaster of a failing school and grew to succeed where his predecessors had not. Fearing the Japanese army’s advance, Hogg resolved to lead his […]

Here’s One for the Open Road

Jason Shannon likes to think of his band as a car. "A car Steve McQueen drove," he says. "An old ’60s or ’70s hot rod. Not a badass car. Just a car with good integrity. Something that’s built to last, but not showing itself off. A Classic. "Something like that," he laughs. The car metaphor […]

More June Book Releases

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Yes … She Is among Us

I walked outside The Cedar to wait for my ride after the Wendy Rule show last Wednesday night, when a group of passing guys stopped and one said, “I ‘aint neva’ seen no ass like that on a white girl befo’.” I expected them to break out into song and dance around me like Chris […]

Le Petit Mort

All the ingredients for an experimental disaster are there: six characters on a non-elevated platform of white cardboard — a sterile space carved out in the corner of a dingy art gallery — all dressed in white, speaking in seemingly disjointed sentences, hugging the wall behind them, twisting, writhing, gasping. But Socktesting, however experimental, is […]

Tabloid Sludge

Remember the prom mom? She was 18, it was her prom and nobody knew she was pregnant, so she went to the bathroom, hiked up her dress, had the kid, stuffed him in a trash can, and went back to the dance floor a half hour later. Stuck, directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Mena […]

Should America Inject Awesome Manliness?

America is awesome. Remember in Independence Day when it turned out the president was an ex-fighter pilot? Or in Armageddon when we discovered that most of our problems can be solved by huge men with rippling muscles? We used to live in the era of the superlative, when people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, and […]

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

We deserve Barack Obama. That is tonight’s message. And Obama has arrived! The crowd roars — everyone on their feet, so many of them smiling, laughing, a few even silently crying. Is this the message of change? He can barely be heard above the din. For three whole minutes the crowd roars, only getting louder […]