There's More Than One Bristol

So, one of my fellow bloggers called my keen political insights "garbage" and asked me to go back to writing about cars. I will gladly fulfill your wish. In fact, how about if I write about both? I will even perfume my words to make sure the wind that passes when I write about politics […]

Chicks Live on Farms

It occured to me this morning that I must update my post "Bimbos, Himbos and Harleys" with new content and here is why: While it is true that the DelSol, the VW rabbit convertible and the Corvette are charter members of the Bimbo & Himbo Hall of Fame, not many of you drive these things. […]

Legal Lolitas

I have always wondered why certain cars remain off limits to men of a particular age. What makes a Red Corvette more age-appropriate than a Mini Cooper? (Forgetting the conventional wisdom that posits the Corvette as "gold chain"—a sentiment unmasked as a simple prejudice with the Z06, a true American Beauty in red.) Or, for […]