Reefer Madness

I was patiently standing in the ticket line at the Fringe Festival. Then the middle aged man right in front of me abruptly took off his pants. When he began to twist and turn and fidget with his belt, I nervously stepped back. Personally, I didn’t think that when I signed up to cover the […]

Fake Out Fest

Fake Sonny has that deer in the headlights look. The right side of his mustache is slowly slipping down to rest on his bottom lip, looking like a venomous breed of wooly caterpillar. It doesn’t take long for audience members to notice. They erupt in gut-breaking cackles at poor fake Sonny’s expense. This mockery is […]

Dinner and a Show? – Valentines Dining

Do you have any favorites places that offer live entertainment — preferably cheap or free — along with food? I am starting to compile a list, and so far I have: Bluegrass and old-time music at Dulono’s PizzaOccasional concerts at Kramarczuk’s (like the Tamburitze Orchestra) Karaoke at Pancho Villa Jazz and more, weekends at Café […]