When Timmy Met Margie

Today’s launch of the new Republican "issue ad" blaming DFLers for Minnesotans being asked to sacrifice manhood and innocence alike whilst pumping merrily away at the gas station is just the latest chapter in a textbook Nora Ephron romance. You see, it always starts with the title characters loathing one another. And you’d be hard […]

The Unlubricated Hand of Government Intervenes Again

The status quo is almost always a warm, comforting feeling. No matter how often people complain about Minnesota’s interminable winters, or Cyndy Brucato’s mummy-like visage staring soullessly from KSTP evening newscasts, eternally hungering for the blood of Amy Hockert, they would still be profoundly disturbed these constants were suddenly stripped from their lives. This is […]

Stupid Sex

Sex is the great equalizer, for does not the rich man conduct his doggy-style in much the same way as the poor man? Granted, the rich man conducts his to the tune of $5,000 per night while the poor man’s might’ve cost him a bottle of Strawberry Hill at the liquor store down the block, […]

Fiscal Lubrication

For those of you lulled into complacency by auspicious recent events such as Britney’s brief flirtation with lucidity, it’s important to note that, not only is the entertainment industry still pumping out fucking loons at a heretofore unheard of pace, but our politicians are providing ample evidence of a world view so profoundly divorced from […]