Gypsy Jazz, Caviar, and a Wailer Sighting

  About a dozen Rake readers and friends showed up last Wednesday – at my invitation – for dinner and a show at T’s Place. You can find better Malaysian dishes elsewhere, (like at Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine) but the Ethiopian dishes were hearty and flavorful, prices extremely reasonable, and the contemporary jazz by Ethiopian-born bass […]

Beyond the Obvious

Some guys—and gals—get all the ink. If you are a devoted Twin Cities foodie, you know all about Tim (and Josh), Vincent, Alex, Stewart and Heidi, Lucia, Doug, J.P., Lenny, and Brenda—and you can pair them with their restaurants. Odds are pretty good that you have also heard of Tanya Siebenaler, Don Saunders, Scott Pampuch, […]

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