The Well-Lubricated Fall of the Middle Class

All praise be to the cyclopean gods of old for finally bringing the nigh interminable local and national Democratic nomination process to a close. For while sentences involving Andy Rooney, sodomy and bestiality, not to mention flag lapel pins and innuendo involving sniper fire, roll comfortably off the tongue of B-grade actors on late-night Cinemax, […]

It's Wages, Stupid!

I’ve been watching this debate raging on my television screen over how America got into this economic mess. Am I the only person out there who understands why? It’s wages, stupid!!! Our nation’s No. 1 export is jobs, and every job that leaves drives wages down on a half dozen other jobs that don’t leave. […]

Minnesota's Own Nero

Oil is hovering around $115 a barrel, the lowest price of gas in the Twin Cities is $3.18, foreclosures are still a-rising, and yet, in her latest column, the Star Tribune’s Katherine Kersten believes all we need to weather the storm of inflation, diminished access to credit, and skyrocketing healthcare costs is a shit-eating grin […]

Fiscal Lubrication

For those of you lulled into complacency by auspicious recent events such as Britney’s brief flirtation with lucidity, it’s important to note that, not only is the entertainment industry still pumping out fucking loons at a heretofore unheard of pace, but our politicians are providing ample evidence of a world view so profoundly divorced from […]