Fashioning a Movement

To highlight our semi-annual selection of new fashion, we turned to a population that—let’s face it, unfair as it seems—looks delightful no matter what they’re wearing. Our models are four dance students at the University of Minnesota and their choreographer (who moonlights as The Rake’s stylist); we captured them during a rehearsal at the Barbara […]

Exclusive Sneak Peek of Voltage 08

Unbeknownst to most folks, there was a public preview of the Voltage ’08 fashions at last night’s 10,000 Arts Party. Mostly I spent the evening being a bugaboo to the models backstage. (Don’t they look irritated?) But I also managed to take these snapshots of the looks:   My favorite dress of the night was […]


This month, all sorts of lucky boys and girls are sporting shiny new electronic doodads, freshly delivered from Santa and other thoughtful gift-givers. It’s good timing: A hot-pink Motorola RAZR or aquamarine laptop does much to cut through the gray midwinter cloud cover, not to mention spruce up many a gloomy coffeehouse interior. In fact, […]

Gaviidae Commons: Where The Boys Are

It’s nearly impossible to find a decent men’s jacket these days. Last weekend’s hunt yielded fashionable versions from Neiman Marcus (the $1,200 one by Etro, for example) and comparatively affordable options from Off Fifth (a Valentino clearanced at $600). But alas, I am not paying for what boyfriend wears to little brother’s wedding this weekend […]

Scene Ripper

“What do you know about the washability of Sharpie?” asked a curious onlooker as she watched Eric Inkala, a Minneapolis-based painter and graffiti artist, decorate an American Apparel T-shirt with the long strokes of his black Sharpie pen. “It usually fades to dull blue,” Inkala offered.  “I’m suggesting spot-cleaning,” said Emma Berg, a thirty-something fashion […]

FALL FASHION: New Standards, Vintage Style

Musicians Steve Roehm, Chan Poling, and John Munson have a knack for freshening up the classics. Here, the trio pays tribute to the old-fashioned practice of dressing for dinner, patronizing two St. Paul establishments with timeless style.       Special thanks: Concept, productions, and styling by Janine Ersfeld Photography by Aaron Smith Art direction […]