Franco-American Relations, Indeed

A smattering of bonjours and soft smiles accompanied the light, nervous energy that breezed through the Alliance Française this particular Monday morning. Huge croissants and berries lay untouched on the table as hosts and hostesses pinned tricolored nametags to their jackets and blouses. A few people wandered absently around the meeting room, grazing past the […]

Better Than An Italian Supermodel

So how was JesusChristmas for you all here in the United States? I have been away over the holidays but I have not been wasting time. Au contraire. You see I have been busily working in France test driving cars that most people can only dream about. Cars even hotter than France’s new President’s bride […]

What I Saw on My Summer Vacation

In celebration of thirty years of my wife’s profound ability to tolerate me, we went to France for ten days last month. We did the things we usually do when we go to interesting places. We got a very small and inexpensive hotel room (under the theory that we’re never there anyway) and spent all […]