Many Thanks to Moskal

Thanks to local designer George Moskal for making me feel all Lindsay Lohan-like this holiday season. He lent me one of his dresses! I wore it to a belated holiday party last Friday night; see the craftily cropped outtake below. Because, you see, even with a pretty dress on, I still can’t feel good about […]

Danger, Danger, and Whatnot

In these cold, bristling days of the early year (when there’s no holiday in sight), it’s good to have something to anticipate … And so, in defiance of depressing January, this offering: an illustrated list of some, but not all, of the designers for this spring’s Voltage local fashion show, courtesy of Nic Marshall Photography. […]

Marshalling George Moskal's Latest

And this other thing: One of my fave local fashion photographers, Nic Marshall, just sent along these new portfolio pics. Local designer George Moskal (also one of my faves) lent some of his latest looks for the occasion. I absolutely lurve the following fancy, gray brocade dress with roped belt. Actually, it’s the dress I […]